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Lions WR Davis calls playing surface at Soldier Field 'horrible'

Jay Cutler might have been on to something.

During the buildup to Sunday's pivotal showdown against the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears quarterback suggested that his NFC North rivals wouldn't enjoy the same success they had in their Week 5 win now that the venue would be outside.

"We're going to be on grass. It's going to be a different environment for them ... a totally different ballgame," Cutler said this week. "They don't have that advantage on their side this time, so it is going to be on our side."

Cutler isn't the only one who had Solider Field on his mind, as Lions wide receiver Rashied Davis criticized the stadium's playing surface -- or lack thereof -- in Sunday's edition of the Detroit Free Press.

"They grow their grass long?" Davis said when asked if the Bears keep their field in poor condition. "They don't have grass. I played there for six years. You're telling me they grow their grass long?"

Davis, who spent six seasons with the Bears, added: "There's no grass. It's sand and dirt. Have you seen the reports in training camp? That was when it was warm outside and nice. It's sand and dirt covered with green spray paint.

"You think I'm playing? If you're on the field, walk around and take a look at how many parts are actual grass. It's horrible. It's a horrible, horrible surface."

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