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Lions won't try to hurt Romo, but it might be hard to avoid it

Candid talk of targeting injured limbs of NFL stars seems to be in vogue these days, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Lions players were asked this week if they plan to attack the beleaguered rib cage of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romoon Sunday.

"Where else can I hit him besides his ribs?" defensive end Willie Youngtold the Detroit Free Press in Thursday's edition. "Let's think about this. There's only one place you can hit a quarterback without coming back to the locker room and having a FedEx package sitting in your locker just waiting on you to open it, telling you how much is about to come out of your check."

In case you missed what Young was going for, he further clarified his stance.

"You hit him below the waist, what is that? Let's say you hit him above the head, what will you be looking to see in your locker? That FedEx package," Young said. "Now let's say you were to go just below the head to avoid that fine, and you stay just above the waist line, what does that leave you with?

"There's only one place that the league allows us to hit him."

Young's response was funny and informative, not to mention 100 percent accurate. Romo, who suffered a cracked rib and punctured lung in Week 2 against the 49ers, essentially has a league-enforced bull's eye on his ribs every time he receives a snap.

"Obviously he's dealing with pain when he's getting hit repeatedly," said Ndamukong Suh, who might be the last guy you want bearing down on you when one of your lungs was recently deflated. "So you want to obviously still have him uncomfortable and attack him any way we can to affect his game. ... Whether I'm going to pinpoint his ribs? No. That's not my style. I'm going to attack him, hit him and disrupt any quarterback like I want to in any normal game."

Yes Mr. Suh, but can you promise you won't try to detach Romo's head from his body? Yeah, we didn't think so.

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