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Lions' Stafford tweets reminder of Carter's diss on Megatron

Remember when former Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter said Calvin Johnson was only an elite player in video games?

Matthew Stafford does -- and the Lions quarterback took to Twitter on Tuesday to remind everyone of it.

"Does anyone think 8 tds in 4 weeks will change chris carters mind about an "elite" receiver? #megatron," Stafford tweeted.

Well done, Matt. To quote a line from the classic video game "Mortal Kombat": Flawless victory.

It's long been assumed Stafford and Johnson would form a dynamic team, but injuries to the QB have always kept it from becoming a reality. Stafford has survived the first three weeks of the 2011 season, and the results have been outstanding. Stafford has thrown nine touchdowns, and six of them have been to Megatron.

Carter, now an analyst for ESPN, is the only player in NFL history to have two touchdown receptions in four straight games. Johnson will attempt to match that feat Sunday against the Cowboys.

Will Carter change his mind if Johnson pulls it off? Will he respect Johnson as a man who puts up numbers that match video-game dominance? Or perhaps the biggest question we should ask ourselves is this: Who cares what Cris Carter thinks about Calvin Johnson?

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