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Lions' Hanson probable vs. Bears following bye-week leg injury

The Lions hope Jason Hanson will be ready to play the Bears on Sunday after the old-as-a-tree kicker suffered an off-the-field injury that remains shrouded in mystery.

Hanson's right leg was stitched up after the 41-year-old cut it open while spending time with his kids during Detroit's bye week.

He's not going to tell you any more than that -- and that's fine -- but he wants the following to be understood:

"I don't think I was being an idiot," Hanson told the Detroit News.

Reporters asked if he was hurt riding an all-terrain vehicle, knowing he vacationed with family.

Hanson's explanation was puzzling.

"To say that it was an ATV conveys something that it's not," Hanson said. "I'm not even sure what classifies as an all-terrain vehicle. But I was not out riding a four-wheeler and goofing around when this (happened). I was with my kids, so as far as the other details, I don't feel like sharing."

The Lions brought in Shayne Graham and Rhys Lloyd for tryouts Wednesday but Hanson is listed as probable after testing the leg all week.

"I mean, I'm angry," Hanson said. "It's terrible timing. I can't believe it happened and I feel super sorry. ... But my guilt level is pretty low. I didn't feel like I was doing anything irresponsible or putting myself at any risk."

Crystal clear, Jason. Thank you, sir.

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