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Lions' Bill Ford: 'We're going to bring you a Super Bowl'

For Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford, it's not a matter of if the Lions will deliver their fans a Super Bowl. It's a matter of when.

"We're going to bring you a Super Bowl," Ford said at the Detroit Economic Club luncheon, via the Detroit Free Press. "When the Lions win the Super Bowl, this city will have a party like we haven't seen before."

These sort of statements are often made by team representatives at events like this. It's a pep rally, albeit one attended by wealthy people with expensive clothes. It doesn't mean much.

However, Ford's comments are notable because the notion no longer seems that crazy. With Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, coach Jim Schwartz and a promising defensive line, this is a Lions team that should compete for titles for a while.

Ford is careful to point out that he is not the team owner, but Bill Ford has been more out front publicly than his father William Clay Ford Sr. over the last few years. For many Lions fans, that's a welcome change.

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