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Leslie Frazier isn't going anywhere, Vikings GM says

Despite the rumblings about Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier's job security after a rocky 1-6 start, lowlighted by a wayward Josh Freeman experiment two weeks ago, general manager Rick Spielman has no intention of firing his lead man.

"Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere," Spielman said Friday, per The Star Tribune. "I am telling you that we are very committed to Leslie Frazier and this coaching staff."

Even after some perceived back-and-forth decisions about the starting quarterback job -- cycling between Christian Ponder, Freeman and Matt Cassel -- Spielman was steadfast in his support of the fourth-year coach, whose contract expires after next season.

"We back coach Frazier 100 percent and we'll do everything we can to help him get this thing turned around," Spielman said.

Spielman said he leaves the starting quarterback decision up to Frazier. Spielman also said he can evaluate Freeman, who he paid $2 million for the balance of the season, without the quarterback being on the field.

"This was just a great chance -- whether he played or not -- that you would have a much better idea of what a Josh Freeman was by the end of the season just by him being in your building and being around that player for 12 weeks," Spielman said.

The GM's comments are positive for Frazier for the rest of this season, but things could change after the year. It's also possible that Spielman finds himself out of a job if owner Ziggy Wilf isn't convinced the Vikings' ship is pointed in the right direction.

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