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LeSean McCoy goes after Knowshon Moreno on Twitter

Knowshon Moreno had himself a nice game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, rushing for 93 yards and one touchdown.

People won't remember that, of course, not when we're talking about an instant classic shootout that featured more than 900 passing yards and one epic Tony Romo tragedy.

Still, Moreno played well, especially in the game's early going. ESPN pundit and professional poop-stirrer Skip Bayless noticed this and made a harmless observation on Twitter.

Enter LeSean McCoy.

Oh. Lindsay Jones of USA Today asked Moreno after Sunday's win if he knew why McCoy would tweet such a thing. Moreno didn't have a clue.

Our working theory: Both Moreno and McCoy were members of the 2009 NFL Draft class. Moreno was selected No. 12 overall by the Broncos. The Philadelphia Eagles didn't take McCoy off the board until the second round -- 41 picks later.

McCoy bristled at the perceived diss and has spent all his days since trying to prove Moreno, the Broncos -- hell, the system -- wrong.

Yeah, we like that.

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