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LeBron mocks Johnson (who mocked Burress) in flag football

The prospect of LeBron James ever playing in the NFL is unlikely now that the NBA lockout has reached its merciful conclusion.

So if you've ever wondered if James could absorb an Ed Reed hit and still maintain possession, you're probably out of luck. Barring a horribly misguided MJ-to-the-Birmingham Barons kind of decision, we'll have to settle for the goofy flag football game James held against fellow NBA superstar Kevin Durant on Wednesday.

James' team won a 70-63 shootout, with the Miami Heat star finishing with 800 receiving yards.*

( - this is a rough estimate)*

James clearly was enjoying himself during the game, at one point imitating Bills wideout Stevie Johnson's infamous Plax gunshot-wound touchdown dance.

For his celebration, Johnson was publicly shamed, accused of intentionally summoning memories of 9/11, and fined $10,000. James just came off as a goober, which is par for the course.

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