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League's committee on Los Angeles recommends Carson project

HOUSTON -- NFL owners began their league meeting on Los Angeles relocation at 9 a.m. CT and have heard presentations in support of the Carson project for the Raiders and Chargers and one for the Rams. The Carson presentation was made by Disney Chairman Robert Iger, who would oversee the development of the stadium if owners approve the plan. Chargers owner Dean Spanos also made what was said to be an impassioned plea on behalf of his family. The owners also received the recommendation of the league's committee on Los Angeles: The six-member committee recommended the Carson project.

How much sway the committee's recommendation has with the rest of ownership remains to be seen, although it is unusual for ownership to go against the recommendation of a committee.

In recent days, though, momentum seems to have shifted to a compromise solution: The Rams and Chargers pairing in Stan Kroenke's proposed Inglewood stadium, with the Raiders remaining in Oakland, an idea being pushed by the Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones. When the meeting opened on Tuesday, that compromise -- which would have the Chargers either as partners with Kroenke or as his tenant -- was seen as the only proposal that could garner the 24 votes necessary for approval. Without it, ownership is divided between the Carson and Inglewood proposals and neither side is thought to have the 24 votes for approval.

Of all three teams, the Chargers have the most support because owners feel Spanos has been a good partner and do not want to leave him out of Los Angeles. But there is a block of owners -- Jones is among them -- who strongly support the Inglewood stadium and Kroenke.

The meeting was scheduled to run through Wednesday, although there was some hope that a vote could be taken by the end of Tuesday.

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