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Lauren Tannehill set to appear in magazine

Ryan Tannehill might need to wait for his star turn with the Miami Dolphins, but no depth chart can contain his wife.

Lauren Tannehill, who garnered more buzz for her appearance at the NFL draft than most of the players, will continue to grow her brand of, um, whatever it is when she appears in an upcoming magazine issue.

The theme of her shoot with photographer Roger Snider ties in with her husband's new association with the Dolphins. There are footballs and team colors and Florida oranges. Lots and lots of Florida oranges.

In other LT news -- yes, we have a new LT -- it's hard to imagine HBO not leaning hard on the relationship between Ryan and Lauren now that the Dolphinshave been announced as the next focus of "Hard Knocks."

Our prediction: HBO will manage to hold off until the first segment of Episode 2 before trailing Tannehill back to the home he shares with his new bride. Some things you can guess at ... others are just inevitable.

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