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Larry Fitzgerald OK with HGH testing, says it will keep NFL fair

Larry Fitzgerald weighed in Wednesday on testing for human growth hormone in the NFL, saying he wouldn't be opposed to it because the testing needs to be done to keep the game fair.

"I'm not big on blood testing. But it's something that needs to be done to make sure that our game is fair and upholds the integrity that we all want it too," the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver said.

Fitzgerald's comments came as the NFL and NFL Players Association prepared to stage an important negotiating session Wednesday in Washington, D.C., to continue their work toward an agreement on implementing HGH testing, a source apprised of the meeting told's Albert Breer. The session is considered a critical one, as the hope is to have testing in place for the 2013 season.

Fitzgerald added that he was OK with the testing as long as it was done in good faith, although he thought it might be a bit invasive.

"I just hope that it doesn't lead to anything that would possibly curtail somebody's career -- with blood disorders and things like that," he said. "But if it's done in good (faith) and only for HGH testing, I'm good with that."

Fitzgerald spoke during an appearance for Abbott's EAS Sports Nutrition, which he described as the "best in the industry" at giving him a fair competitive advantage.

Earlier this week, a source characterized the sides as "much further along" than they have been at any point since the NFL and NFLPA agreed in 2011 to work toward HGH testing.

But there are three areas that need to be ironed out before a deal can be finalized: procedural, economic and due process/appeals. Among key procedural questions: How often will the players be tested, how will the samples be taken, and how will they be stored, as well as destroyed? The chain of custody for the samples also must be determined. And each HGH testing kit costs $2,200, so who'll be footing the bill is something that needs to be discussed as well.

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