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Landry retweets rip session from angry 'Skins fans

LaRon Landry is out in Washington, but he's not leaving quietly.

After the veteran safety signed a one-year contract with the Jets, a fired-up pocket of 'Skins fans made their displeasure known on Twitter.

Amid a steady mixture of congratulations for the hard-hitting, but oft-injured Landry, fans unleashed pure vitriol for Washington's front office, who chose not to re-sign the safety.

This all would have flown under the radar, had Landry not chosen to retweet the comments to his 42,000 followers.

Here's a sampling, per The Washington Post.

(Landry) left my Skins for the Jets cause they weren't smart enough to keep him!.... they just might regret it smh

As a Redskins fan, (Landry) stepped up and helped us cope when we lost Sean (Taylor). Now we lost him too...our team management makes me sick!

i completely agree i am a skins fan for life but there maniging sucks

we'll always love you in DC. The management don't know what they doing

that's what I'm talking bout homie big up to LL. Welcome to NY homie lets do the damn thing skins thank you for being stupid!!!!

Redskins management was STUPID to let you go. Miracles happen and your foot would have healed. SMFH. I'm a Jets fan now. J-E-T-S

It appears Washington's mega-swap with the Rams for the No. 2 pick and the rights to Robert Griffin III didn't exactly quell this gang of malcontents. A situation to monitor in our nation's capital.

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