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Lance Briggs: Chicago Bears hear a lot of boos at home

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher took a lot of grief for saying he doesn't care what the media or fans think about his team.

Fans could get on board with the anti-media rant, but his comments on Chicago's critical home crowd didn't go over well. Teammate Lance Briggs says Urlacher was just being honest.

"I understand where he's coming from," Briggs told Comcast SportsNet Chicago. "I've been here a long time, too, and I've (heard) a lot of boos. For a lot of the wrong reasons. Nobody, on any team I've seen, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago.

"That's also a point to the passion of the Chicago fans. Everyone is passionate, but everyone in Chicago doesn't know how to run a football team. Everyone doesn't know how to play professional football. It's our job to do that."

We don't know if the Bears' crowd boos more than any other. Crowds in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Dallas certainly let their teams know when the home team is struggling. Heck, we've seen New England Patriots fans boo a Tom Brady-led team in the playoffs.

Urlacher's frustration -- and the home-crowd boos -- speak to a larger frustration. The Bears are collapsing in the second half again. This successful era under Urlacher and Lovie Smith is nearing its end, but a title seems further away.

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