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L.T. would consider following Peyton Manning to N.Y.

LaDainian Tomlinson has certainly made himself, well, available to the media since the Jets' lost 2011 season lurched to a close.

The running back has answered questions honestly, displaying a level of candor that makes it seem like he's not worried about burning any bridges at Florham Park.

Of course, Tomlinson hasn't ruled out a return, either. On Wednesday, Tomlinson kept the door open for another season with the Jets ... ifPeyton Manning were to become the team's new quarterback.

"I might be following him," Tomlinson said Wednesday on "NFL Total Access." "I know what he's capable of. I'll tell you what, I'll follow him any day."

A guest on "The Rich Eisen Podcast," Tomlinson was asked what he'd say if Manning asked him whether he should sign with the Jets.

"The thing that I would tell him, he can win right away there, obviously," said Tomlinson, who shares agent Tom Condon with Manning. "They've got the team to win. Great defense, good running game, great offensive line. It's going to be tough as far as all of the media, but I think Peyton is able to handle that stuff."

Tomlinson might want to join forces with Manning if he were to sign with the Jets, but it's unlikely Rex Ryan is keeping L.T.'s seat warm. Tomlinson's production dipped to career lows last season, and the Jets are likely looking to get younger at the position.

Still, a man can dream, right?

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