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L.T.: Jets not worried about Bills' 'pretty ball'

LaDainian Tomlinson doesn't appear too worried about Sunday's road matchup against the AFC East-leading Buffalo Bills.

"They the same old Buffalo Bills. I don't care what nobody says," the Jets running back said on the field before kickoff, according to the New York Daily News. "They try to play that pretty ball. We play physical."

The Jets scored 38 points in each of their blowout wins over the Bills in 2010, Tomlinson's first year with New York. Clearly, Tomlinson doesn't believe we're dealing with a different breed of Bills this season despite their improved record.

L.T.'s in the minority here, but we'll give him a pass. Between a ceremony to honor Super Bowl XXV martyr Scott Norwood and a team uniform and fan base in "white-out" mode, there's something strange in the air in Orchard Park.

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