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Kyle Williams still asked about last Niners playoff loss

NEW ORLEANS -- While his San Francisco 49ers teammates discuss the present and future, Kyle Williams still has to talk about the past.

Williams stood on the turf at the Superdome in full uniform at Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day, his season long over after suffering a torn ACL back in November. He remains most famous for his two turnovers in last year's NFC Championship Game loss to the New York Giants. The injury has made it impossible to extend the narrative of his career to anything else.

"It's not going to be a sweet memory by any means," Williams said Tuesday. "It was a terrible thing that happened. It's something that we don't focus on, I haven't focused on. It's something that happened, it's not something that's going to define me as a player or define my career at all in any way. It's there but it's not there."

Williams said he didn't truly get over the Giants game until he caught his first punt this season.

"It's bittersweet that I wasn't able to be part of this because of the injury, but being able to watch them go through it and watch them take care of business and still be part of this team and have these guys come to me and say, 'You're just as much a part of this team as anybody else, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.'

"It makes it all better, it makes it everything good."

As I walked away from Williams, another reporter approached Williams and asked him about "that game." Rinse and repeat.

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