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Kyle Shanahan: I don't want to part ways with my father

We learned Dec. 15 about Kyle Shanahan's desire to distance himself from his father and Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan. However, the offensive coordinator says that's "totally untrue."

"I came here with a goal to win here, and I'll try to do that until they don't want us here," Kyle Shanahan said Thursday. "So that's not a decision that's up to me, but I'm gonna coach here until I'm told that I can't anymore."

Plenty of questions are revolving around Mike Shanahan's future with the Redskins. Kyle Shanahan also addressed a CBS Sports report of possible favoritism from the head coach to his assistants.

"I was definitely bothered by it," Kyle Shanahan said. "I never had somebody attack me personally so it definitely bothered me."

The age and experience of the assistant coaches is partly what's in question. The CBS report specifically mentions receivers coach Mike McDaniel and quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur, both of whom previously coached with the younger Shanahan at past stops.

"Unfortunately, if you're under 40 years old and you're on my staff, you're looked at as my friends because we're young," Kyle Shanahan said. "These guys aren't my friends. These are guys who did all my dirty work and grinded and did everything for me in Houston and did the ins and outs like quality controls do. They deserved promotions."

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