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Kurt Warner: Matthew Stafford most undisciplined QB

Matthew Stafford has come under fire for his play recently, specifically the 10 interceptions he's thrown during the Detroit Lions' 1-4 swoon which has put them one game back in the NFC North race.

Most of the criticism has come from the fans and media, who, as Ed Reed would point out, haven't played football.

In that spirit, let us turn an ear to a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback with a Super Bowl MVP trophy on his mantel and two first-team All-Pro nods in his back pocket: Kurt Warner.

"I don't think there is a team in this league that has a quarterback that takes as many chances, that feels like he can make every throw," Warner said Sunday on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay Morning."

"He's going to throw it in coverage. He's going to not take a sack, not throw it away," Warner continued. "He's going to believe that there is a way he can put it in there and he disregards his reads. Sometimes you see his footwork ... his footwork is all over the place. By far the most undisciplined quarterback in the National Football League. (He) makes a lot of plays, but we also see what he does on the other side of things."

Stafford's strong arm bails him out of many situations, which can be a curse to NFL quarterbacks who believe they can fit a pass into any window. Those plays have been more bust than boom for Stafford in the past five games.

However, thoughts of benching Stafford are ludicrous. Stafford's talent is what earned him a contract extension last offseason, and he has been a top-10 NFL quarterback most of this season.

The issue mainly is in terms of his mechanics, which haven't consistently improved in the last two seasons.

"It's hard for me to believe that the coaches haven't talked to Matthew Stafford about cleaning up your feet, making sure your feet go where you're going to throw it and not forcing," Warner said. "It's hard for me to believe the coaches haven't addressed that."

Perhaps the Lions' staff doesn't see the same issues as the Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

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