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Knowshon Moreno feels emotion of national anthem

Unless you've been trapped below the earth in a Wi-Fi-disabled Soviet fortress, you've probably seen the above video.

Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno shedding tears at a waterfall pace during Sunday's national anthem.

First reaction? Humans just don't cry this way, but Moreno does, and he explained it all after Denver's 35-28 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs:

"The emotion always gets to me," he told Yahoo! Sports. "I am just thinking about everything in general through your whole life, just balled up into one. Yeah, it helps me. Sometimes I don't even notice it, it just comes."

After the tears bit went viral, the fifth-year pro did it again, turning Peyton Manning's fourth-quarter dumpoff on second-and-20 into a 31-yard gain. From there, cameras caught Moreno as he crawled away from the pile, lending the officials a hand with the first-down call.

Moreno was an unstoppable GIF machine Sunday. Good stuff, unless you root for the Chiefs.

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