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Kluwe enhances legacy with take on league's injury memo

We're big fans of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who never lets the fact that he plays football's most disrespected position stop him from being a snarky little rascal.

Kluwe, who last made news for the creative terms of surrender of his jersey number to Donovan McNabb, took to his signature white board to give us a look at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's "memo" on faking injuries.

"NFL Memo on Faking Injuries: Anyone who fakes an injury shall be publicly shamed by having their official position changed to 'punter' or 'kicker,' " the message read, according to Larry Brown Sports. "Remember gentlemen, this isn't soccer. Play like you have a pair. -- Rog"

We're guessing Goodell doesn't have an issue with Kluwe's take on the league's official memo sent out earlier this week. And even if Goodell did have a problem, it'd probably quickly fade from memory.

After all, it's just a punter.

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