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Kevin Williams turned down more money from Patriots

Kevin Williams asked the New England Patriotsto reach out to him, but the five-time All Pro had a change of heart once the defending champions came calling.

Williams revealed, via's Ben Goessling, that his one-year contract with the Seahawks is worth a little less than what the Patriots were offering.

That rejection is a new feeling for the Pats, who are used to veterans accepting less money for a Super Bowl run in New England.

Much to Williams' surprise, the Vikings also made an offer after failing to contact their former star since the start of free agency.

"It was shocking that they got back in the fold at the end there," Williams said. "I just think there were better pieces in place in Seattle. The familiarity with being in Minnesota was there, but a chance to (not) know if they're going to win 10 games or three games (played into it). I wish them luck, but there's no certainty there, and you have a proven quarterback in those two teams (Seattle and New England)."

On Monday's edition of the Around The League Podcast, we selected the Vikings as one of six NFL teams that don't have even a slim chance of making it to the Super Bowl this season. It sounds like Williams agrees with that assessment.

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