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Kevin Kolb should be first in line for Cardinals QB spot

"NFL Total Access" continues with its "32 teams in 32 days" series. We decided to score some brownie points by writing an accompanying post each night. We'll focus on one goal that each team needs to accomplish before Week 1.

Arizona Cardinals must find their quarterback

So who's it going to be?

Kevin Kolb? John Skelton? Donovan McNabb?

OK, probably not McNabb. But the Cardinals must address the biggest question a team can face in training camp. Who's behind center?

This is a quarterback league, after all, and with an offense based around the dynamic talents of wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, you better find somebody good enough to get him the damn ball.

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Kevin Kolb was supposed to be that guy. He was paid a handsome sum of money to make magic with Fitzgerald. Instead, Cardinals general manager Rod Graves spent last season sitting in his darkened office while sounding like the NFL's version of George Oscar Bluth.

"I've made a huge mistake."

The Cardinals should use training camp and the preseason to kick the tires on Kolb one more time. Yes, Kolb was unable to rise to the challenge last season -- or even stay on the field for extended stretches -- but perhaps he'll enter camp feeling more comfortable with a full offseason under his belt.

Skelton showed flashes of competence last season and led the Cardinals to five wins in seven starts. But to turn the keys over at this point would seem premature unless Kolb is either injured again or completely ineffective.

Kolb should get another crack at getting this thing right. And if he can't, shrug your shoulders, learn your lessons, and move on.

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