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Kevin Kolb expects 'unique' Buffalo Bills offense

The Buffalo Bills officially haven't confirmed the acquisition of Kevin Kolb, but the team's new favorite to start at quarterback spoke about the move for the first time Thursday.

After a disastrous stint in Arizona, Kolb believes things will be different in Buffalo because of the coaching staff. He expects coach Doug Marrone's hurry-up offense to look a little different.

"Without giving away too much," Kolb told The Buffalo News, "the unique style of offense that these guys run and what they bring to the picture as far as their knowledge of the game and their creativity and their ability to be open-minded, it really excited me.

"I think a lot of times in this league you have people who are set in their ways and they follow other people's leads all the time. I'm very optimistic about what we're gonna do."

New Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has attracted a lot of attention this offseason, but Marrone's homage to the Bills' old "K-Gun" option will be fascinating to watch, too. Kolb does not have great arm strength, but this offense could play more to his theoretical strengths of timing and accuracy.

"It was a breath of fresh air to hear Doug and offensive coordinator Nate (Hackett) and their offensive philosophy," Kolb said. "I'm excited and I want to be a part of it."

Tarvaris Jackson and a rookie to be named later should join the roster, but Kolb clearly is the favorite to start. If Marrone can turn Kolb into a useful starter, the new coach will get a deserved reputation as an offensive wizard capable of unforeseen sorcery.

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