Kenny Britt won't be punished by Titans for fine sheet photo

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Wide receiver Kenny Britt will not face an additional fine from the Tennessee Titans for going public over a previous penalty.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said Thursday that he hadn't spoken to Britt, who used his Instagram account on Wednesday to post a photo of the fine sheet he received for missing a rehab workout, adding a message that included several obscenities, as well as: "Walk back to dis..Don't dey know I have kids."

Munchak said the matter of the fine was private, and he didn't reveal any details on what led to the disciplinary action.

"To be honest with you, I haven't read anything he wrote. I just know that he commented on the fact that he was upset, and I'll leave it at that," Munchak said. "If something else comes of it, or if we feel that something is necessary to be done, then it'll be done. ... I don't want to get into any details. The bottom line is he didn't follow some rules. There are consequences and that's it."

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