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Ken Whisenhunt mum on alleged Dockett-Rhodes beef

The Arizona Cardinals' eight-game losing streak largely has been devoid of drama, outside their rotating quarterback situation. Some of the Cardinals' frustrations apparently boiled over Sunday during a 7-6 loss to the Jets in New York.

KTAR-AM in Phoenix reported Monday that defensive tackle Darnell Dockett likely will face disciplinary action after an on-field incident with teammate Kerry Rhodes.

Whisenhunt later was asked about the report on the same radio station and didn't deny what happened.

"We prefer to keep internal matters within the team and not discuss them publicly," Whisenhunt said.

Whisenhunt also declined to choose a starting quarterback for this week's game against the Seattle Seahawks, making it clear the Cardinals could remove rookie Ryan Lindley from the starting lineup. They have a brutal stretch to end the season, with road games against the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, in addition to home games against the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears.

If the Cardinals can't beat the Lions, Whisenhunt could be staring at a 12-game losing streak to end the season.

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