Keep your clothes on, fellas; no need to pose nude

Notable celebrities have posed for PETA advertisements, many of them in risqué fashion -- Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson and Roselyn Sanchez (Google that one) to name a few. But even sports stars have gotten in the act, including Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, who posed nude with his wife, October.

In honor of Gonzalez's appearance Tuesday on NFL Network, we give you the top six NFL personalities who should not consider posing nude for PETA. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Considered: We limited the number of linemen because, well, that's just too easy. And I also was in the mix because, well, I shower in the dark.

6. Brett Keisel
PETA is anti-fur, meaning Keisel's Super Bowl beard likely disqualifies him from consideration.

5. Andre Smith
When Smith first shed his shirt for his 2009 pro day workout -- oh, you remember the photo; we'll spare you here, though -- it became pretty clear that he likely has dined on some dead animals. Likely fried, too.

4. LenDale White
White has battled weight issues since he first came into the league, but he dropped a few pounds after he quit drinking tequila. However, after a year on the shelf with an injury, we aren't confident he's in the best shape right now.

3. Sebastian Janikowski
Some might say Janikowski is a throwback to some of the bigger kickers in NFL history, like Lou "The Toe" Groza. Except Groza was a lineman, too.

2. Rex Ryan
The Jets coach makes this list for two reasons. The first is the obvious one: He's rather husky. And second, he seems the most likely of any of these guys to actually pose nude.

1. Al Davis
You'd think this goes without saying, but Cloris Leachman recently posed for PETA. Seriously, the thought of a Davis PETA ad conjures an image of Marge Simpson's nude painting of Montgomery Burns in a classic episode of "The Simpsons."

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