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Kareem Hunt takes next step, heads to counseling

More than a week after former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was caught on video attacking a woman in an incident that brought his playing career to a screeching halt, he seems to be taking steps in the right direction.

According to sources with knowledge of his situation, Hunt entered into counseling this week for alcohol and anger management. While it's a long process and there is no resolution expected any time soon, it does show he acknowledges the seriousness of his situation. Hunt knows his every move will be scrutinized.

Hunt is being investigated by the NFL for three separate incidents -- the February altercation captured on video, one from June where he was accused of punching a man and an apparent skirmish at a nightclub in January. Sources say the Chiefs knew those three incidents occurred, but did not know specific details of each.

Hunt has been in touch with representatives from the NFL Players Association and the NFL over the past week and he's expected to meet with league officials for his interview in the next few weeks.

Clearly, the free-agent running back would like the process accelerated in order to begin serving his suspension as soon as possible. But the NFL must be as thorough as possible in its investigation.

Until there is finality on how long his suspension is (it's expected to be more than six games), Hunt will use the time to attempt to improve his life and find the root of his issues.

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