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Kaepernick-Boldin connection is a gold mine for 49ers

The Anquan Boldinexchange between the Harbaugh brothers looks as lopsided as the sale of Manhattan after the San Francisco 49ers' thrilling 34-28 win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Sacrificing secondary integrity as a hedge against Colin Kaepernick's running ability, the Packers had no answer for Boldin and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis over the middle of the field.

While setting a physical tone for the 49ers, Boldin racked up 208 yards and one touchdown on 13 receptions to give him the second- and sixth-highest totals for receiving yards in an NFL season opener. Boldin recorded 217 receiving yards in the Arizona Cardinals' 2003 opener against the Detroit Lions.

Boldin's final catch against the Packers went for 15 yards, effectively sealing the game by converting a key fourth-and-2 and keeping the ball out of Aaron Rodgers' hands.

Boldin's highest total in three years with Joe Flacco was 145 yards, which suggests Kaepernick is a star maker for No. 1 receivers after doing the same for Michael Crabtree last season.

After watching the Packers spend the offseason studying the read option, innovative 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman eschewed the zone read and beat Green Bay's defense through the air. Kaepernick's 412 passing yards are the most by a 49ers quarterback on opening day, besting Steve Young (363) and Joe Montana (356).

Until these teams meet again, it's hard to escape the feeling that the 49ers have the Packers' number in the NFC power struggle.

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