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Justin Tuck: Matthews' lack of respect 'depressing'

In Clay Matthews' mind, the New York Giants didn't beat the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs last season. The Packers beat themselves.

We took issue with this idea. (New York could have won by 30 points with a few breaks and better officiating.) It's no surprise Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuckagrees with us.

"We won the football game, I don't think they gave us anything," Tuck said Wednesday, via Tom Rock of Newsday. "When they fumbled the ball, I think it was us that stripped it out. We sacked them. I think it was us who beat their O-linemen and got to (Aaron) Rodgers. So I don't think they just ole'd everything and gave us the game. I think they were trying to win."

Amen. If nothing else, it gives the Giants a chance to play the disrespect card. Tuck doesn't believe the defending champions get their due.

"I don't find it comical, I find it somewhat depressing," Tuck said. "We lost games last year where luckily for us we got the opportunity to play the next week. ... It's football, it's a funny game."

Before the Giants took out the Packers in the playoffs, they played one of the best regular-season games of the season in New York. We'll have a rematch of that game in New York, in Week 12 on "Sunday Night Football."

"We will see Green Bay again this year, so we will see who lays down that week," Tuck said.

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