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Judge plainly tells T.O. his 'NFL career seems to be over'

Judge Judy has the syndication money. Judge Wapner has the nostalgia cred. Judge Reinhold was likable in "Beverly Hills Cop." But can any of those judges crush the fragile ego of a former NFL star like Judge Marc Marmaro?

Terrell Owens was in L.A. County Superior Court on Wednesday, when he asked Marmaro -- the presiding judge -- to reduce his child support payments in two of his four ongoing paternity cases, according to

Marmaro didn't reach a decision during the hearing, but he did dole out some harsh reality in discussing the six-time Pro Bowl receiver's financial plight.

"His NFL career seems to be over," Marmaro said. "I mean no disrespect."

TMZ reported that Owens nodded his head in acknowledgment, a sign that the 38-year-old realizes all the private workouts and agent-spin in the world won't get him an invite back into the big show. Instead, Owens might be forced to settle for the Indoor Football League, which apparently exists -- and has uniforms and everything.

Of all the incredible storylines that have marked this NFL season, Owens becoming an honest-to-goodness sympathetic figure has to rank right near the top.

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