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Josh Sitton: 'If I could go on strike, I fricking would'

If Josh Sitton had his way, the Green Bay Packers would do more than forgive and forget a string of outrageous gaffes by the replacement officials in Monday night's controversial loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

The Packers offensive guard would walk off the job, because he doesn't believe the NFL is concerned about the safety of its players or feels any urgency to end the referee lockout.

"I don't think they care," Sitton told "The Jim Rome Show" on Tuesday, per the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "They know the type of business we have, and they know fans are going to keep showing up.

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"There needs to be something done. I wish I had an answer. If I could go on strike, I fricking would just to end this crap. I don't know if we can -- we probably can't because of the CBA -- but I wish there was an answer. I don't think they care. They flat-out don't care."

Sitton described a chaotic scene in the Green Bay locker room after a replacement official materialized to order the Packers back onto the field for the final extra point.

"There were a few choice words thrown his way, I'll say that. He looked pretty scared, his eyes were big and bug-eyed," Sitton said. "He wasn't too happy to be in there, I'll just leave it at that. I don't really want to say all the words that were being thrown out there."

Sitton also singled out Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and zeroed in on Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate, who insisted he didn't push off Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields before his controversial game-winning touchdown catch.

"I would say the two biggest goats out of this whole thing are Pete Carroll and Golden Tate," Sitton told Rome. "They're calling it a good call, and Golden Tate saying he caught it and there was no push in the back -- be a man. You can be happy you won the game, I understand that, stuff is going to happen, but be a man and admit it was a bull-crap call and stand up and have some integrity. How are you going to face the fricking team when they know it's bull crap? I think Golden Tate and Pete Carroll are completely full of crap."

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