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Josh Gordon weighs in on Johnny Manziel, Brian Hoyer

NEW YORK -- Josh Gordon no longer lives in obscurity.

The ascendant Cleveland Browns wide receiver moved from one interview to the next here at Radio Row before exiting the bedlam for the streets of Manhattan.

That's where we caught up with Gordon, and here's what he told Around The League:

On losing Norv Turner as offensive coordinator: "You know what? It's hard. It's definitely a big loss to lose a guy like Norv Turner, man. He's a legendary coach, man. But whoever we get, I'm sure we'll be fine with it. We're going to work so hard, that regardless of what the offense it is, or who the play-caller it is, I think we're going to have the guys to make the right plays and get us there."

Should Brian Hoyer be the starter? "Man, that's above my head, but Brian's a great guy, great quarterback. I know they probably going to do something in the draft, but we definitely have to get in some more work this season when he's healthy. I know he's coming off his ACL injury. We're planning for the future and I can't wait to have Brian back."

How would you feel about Johnny Football coming to Cleveland? "For the media market and a city like Cleveland, which is real small, I think it would be huge to have him. Great for the city, and the environment, but I'm not really sure who they want. There's a lot of great talent out there. There's a couple guys on that list."

On how the game changed for him in his second season: "Year No. 2, you definitely leave those rookie jitters, you know? The game slow down tremendously. You have a lot more confidence in yourself and really just have that hunger to go out there and prove that you can do it on the biggest stage there is. That's the NFL. The fact that I was given an opportunity to start right at the beginning last year. I took advantage of every opportunity I got after my suspension and I never looked back."

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