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Josh Freeman to start for Vikings if he learns playbook

Josh Freeman's road to the Minnesota Vikings' starting quarterback job was paved with interceptions and ineptitude. All it's waiting for now is for the lines to be painted.

Freeman took the first-team reps during individual drills at Wednesday's practice, according to multiple reports. The quarterback rotation during Vikings practice went Freeman, Christian Ponder and then Matt Cassel.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that if Freeman is prepared with the Vikings' playbook to a satisfactory level, he'll start Monday against the New York Giants. Freeman getting the first-team reps is a sign that plan is moving forward.

The Vikings' plan all along was allow Freeman to learn last week and accelerate the progress this week. They are impressed with what they've seen so far, according to Rapoport.

Here is the kicker to Rapoport's report: If Freeman isn't prepared, the Vikings will start Ponder.

Ponder was passed over last week in favor of Cassel, who threw two interceptions against the Carolina Panthers and was wholly ineffective. For Vikings fans, Ponder is becoming the guy who just won't quit haunting their dreams.

At this point, it seems the Vikings are Freeman or bust.

As for Freeman learning that playbook, how hard can it be?

Hand off to Adrian Peterson going right; hand off to A.P. going left; play action, deep dig route.

I think he'll have it down.

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