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Josh Cribbs feels 'caged' by Browns coach Pat Shurmur

Josh Cribbs continues to beg for a role in the Cleveland Browns offense -- and he continues to get turned down.

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The return-man extraordinaire has six receptions for a measly 54 yards this season after making 41 catches for 518 yards and four touchdowns in 2011. Cribbs places a lot of the blame for his lackluster season on the shoulders of Browns coach Pat Shurmur.

"I feel caged," Cribbs told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "I've talked to the head coach, but there's no point. Obviously they feel like everybody that's in front of me is a better athlete. I disagree.

"I feel a different way than the coach feels about me. They must feel I can't produce. We have a difference of opinion."

Cribbs is in the final year of his contract and says the lack of opportunity has kept him from showing that he's more than a returner.

"I've tried not to say much, but it's upsetting," Cribbs said. "We're nine games into the season and I haven't gotten a chance.

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"There's something wrong when one of your best athletes doesn't get the ball. I'm tired of people that don't know how to use me. Get creative. Find ways."

Let's just say Cribbs isn't a happy camper. And it doesn't sound like he's very interested in re-signing if Shurmur is the coach.

It's hard to argue that Cribbs doesn't deserve a shot. It's not like the Browns receivers have lit the world on fire. Then again, we're not at the Browns' practices.

Either way, this doesn't seem to be an issue that will be addressed any time soon.

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