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Joseph Addai reportedly 'quit' on New England Patriots

The timing of Joseph Addai's release from the New England Patriots Wednesday was a surprise, even if New England has become a noted nightmare for ex-Colts.

Asked to explain the move Thursday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was typically circumspect.

"It didn't work out," Belichick said.

The actual story is a little more interesting. Mary Paoletti of Comcast SportsNet New England reported that Addai was struggling during his conditioning test Wednesday ... and just "quit."

And that was it for Addai's Patriots tenure.

The message-sending move is similar to an approach that Bill Walsh used to love in San Francisco. He once cut a rookie free agent for sticking his head out the window and yelling at a passing co-ed. Walsh also would often cut a struggling player right on the field early in training camp so everyone knew the expectations.

Addai didn't meet the Patriots' expectations.

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