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Jordan Rodgers: I had to 'fight and claw' way to NFL

Undrafted Jordan Rodgers had the chance to sign a contract with the Detroit Lions, which would have placed the former Vanderbilt quarterback in the NFC North alongside his slightly more famous (and stinking rich) brother, Aaron, of the Green Bay Packers.

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Instead, Jordan chose the Jacksonville Jaguars, because -- well -- the Jaguars don't have Matthew Stafford on their roster.

"We were focused on those two teams because of the personnel at the position, but (the Jaguars) were the best opportunity," Jordan told Fox Sports Wisconsin's Paul Imig. "They provide one of the better opportunities you can ask for as a free-agent quarterback. There's only two on the roster (Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne), and most teams have three or maybe four. It just leaves a lot of opportunity for guys like me to get my foot in the door."

Jordan also will face competition from Matt Scott, a fellow undrafted signal-caller who suffered a high ankle sprain in Friday's minicamp practice.

Jordan himself was hampered in drills by a groin injury. Not an auspicious start, but the 24-year-old -- not unlike Aaron -- exits the draft process with a desire to prove the NFL community dead wrong.

"I've carried my chip with me my entire career," Jordan said. "I've had to fight and claw for every position I've had. I sat on the bench as a junior in high school, I had to compete my senior year in high school to get the job, I competed again at Vanderbilt before having success. Just carrying that and factoring in (not being invited to the combine). I deserved to be there -- this is the path I've taken my whole career. I'm not angry, it's just more motivation to want to succeed."

We could spend another line or two unpacking the odds Jordan faces on his quest for redemption, but as the brother of arguably the greatest quarterback on Planet Earth, I think we'll let this one play out.

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