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Jones laments Cowboys' second-half play-calling in defeat

Tony Romo threw some wretched passes in Sunday's 34-30 loss to the Detroit Lions, but he wasn't the only Dallas Cowboy making bad decisions during the second half.

![]( Network will re-air the Lions' 34-30 win over the Cowboys on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET.

Jason Garrett is the Cowboys' head coach, and he also calls the plays on offense. Once the Dallas lead swelled to 27-3 in the third quarter, logic dictated a more conservative approach that chewed the clock. But Garrett decided to keep slinging the football, and Romo made him regret it.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn't hide his disappointment with his team's play-calling Tuesday.

"We needed to use clock with that kind of lead," Jones said, according to The Associated Press. "You can make the case that if you run the ball a few times and punt it, run the ball a few times and punt it, the stats show that you can't lose it."

Gee, you think Garrett received a call to the principal's office?

Jones said he and Garrett have talked several times since the game, and he remains confident as ever in both his coach and quarterback.

"I would say the guys that we're criticizing the most today, starting with Tony, give us our best chance to have something very special happen this year," Jones said.

"I believe that and know that to be the case. ... I know our guys are disappointed over this loss. But they don't wear this loss around. We'll be ready to play."

For now, all is calm in Jerry World. Romo should consider himself fortunate that Deion Sanders doesn't own the Cowboys.

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