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Jones: Dallas Cowboys won't trade Mike Jenkins

They couldn't make a deal, so now owner Jerry Jones is saying the Cowboyswill not trade Jenkins.

Jones said Jenkins is "a vital part of our plan ... a very critical role in what we want to be defensively," according to "Jenkins is not only this year, but a long-term player here as far as I'm concerned."

This is what is called damage control, but it makes sense. Jenkins is only due to make $1 million this season. Why trade a competent, experienced cornerback for pennies on the dollar? Jenkins has gone through slumps before (2010), but he was probably the team's best cornerback last year. (Of course, that's like being the tallest guy at a Rosenthal family reunion.)

Maybe No. 6 overall pick Morris Claiborne is the answer, but you can't have too many cornerbacks. In this era of four wide receiver sets, teams essentially start three cornerbacks. Why not match up with those four wide receivers with four solid corners? The strong safety is becoming extinct.

We have our doubts Jenkins will be in Dallas long-term, but the Cowboys should be happy to keep him for another year.

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