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Joique Bell breaks down his encounter with streaker

It's always disappointing when sports telecasts don't show the idiot fan running on the field.

We don't buy into the logic that keeping the cameras off these human misdemeanors will discourage others from attempting the same dunderheaded act. If anything, showing what happens should deter impressionable youths and drunken 20-something Bros. After all, these endeavors don't have a great history of ending well.

Which brings us to Cleveland, where the Browns and Lions met Thursday night. A man hopped a barrier, stripped down to his underwear, then sprinted onto the field before getting whacked -- hard -- by Lions running back Joique Bell.

A guy who had been seated next to the streaker captured the moment for posterity. He held his phone the wrong way, because, of course he did.

"My first instinct was get him off the field," Bell said, according to the Detroit News. "I thought if he saw me running, he would run away, but he didn't. I pushed him down hoping security would come out there and do their job, but he happened to get all the way across the field.

"He had on his drawers, and then right when I started running at him, he pulled them down and I pushed him down. It was crazy."

Give us a rim shot, Joique!

"I intentionally aimed high," he said. "(If I) used the wrap and roll technique, I probably would've been the one going to jail."

There it is. Anyway, the failed (or successful?) streaker was charged with criminal trespassing, a fourth-degree misdemeanor that could result in up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine. That is a steep price for inebriated glory.

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