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Johnny Unitas family feud over film continues publicly

The Unitas family feud continues to play out in awkward fashion.

It started when Joe Unitas told The Baltimore Sun that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will portray Johnny Unitas in action scenes for a movie project titled, "Unitas We Stand."

That revelation led to disparaging remarks from Johnny Unitas' grandson, J.C., and son, John Jr.

Now Joe Unitas, Johnny Unitas' son from his second marriage, has fired off a response letter to the Sun.

"First I'd like to apologize to Joe, his family, agent and the Ravens organization for any embarrassment these comments may have caused," the letter read. "Joe is a respectable man, a great player and very similar to my Dad in many ways. The Ravens organization is top-notch, and I respect them very much. Both deserve better.

"These disparaging remarks come from two places: ignorance of the facts and passion for a Father and Grandfather."

Joe Unitas goes on to deny John Jr.'s charge that he's riding the "coattails" of his father for financial gain.

The letter continues: "It's about Dad ... the challenges he faced and unbelievable hardships he had to overcome along the way to achieving his goal of becoming a professional football player," the letter read. "It's my hope that this movie will serve as a reminder to older generations, and inspire younger ones, that with hard work and dedication anything is possible."

All parties involved probably would be better off keeping their issues in-house. That might be asking too much.

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