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Johnny Manziel Zone: Love or hate him, but can't deny him

No prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft has been scrutinized more or longer than Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M quarterback you either love or hate if you're a general manager, scout or coach of an NFL team, a media analyst, or just a fan. As the days to the draft wind down, we'll keep track of what people are saying about Johnny Football.

Who loves Johnny Football?

Who else?

» This scantily clad former Maxim model Manziel took to a Texas Rangers game:

Who are the undecided?

» Fran Tarkenton:Quarterback savant or rodent?

Who hates Johnny Football?

» Anonymous NFL Scout II:Manziel not in RGIII's class

Which teams are interested?

Which teams (appear as if they) aren't?

Which teams are (really) sending mixed signals?

How does he rank?

Best fits

Bad fits

» Raiders: Because this person and this person say so

OK, so where will Manziel get drafted?

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