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Johnny Chronicles: Cris Carter wants Johnny Manziel in purple


The week that was in the always unpredictable life of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel:

Two up

1. No NFL franchise is starting over quite like the Cleveland Browns, with not only a new coach but a new front office. New era, new ways of thinking, new everything. Combine that factor with the club's need for an exciting talent who can have a magnetic affect on a frustrated fan base, and Johnny Football makes plenty of sense in Cleveland.

Earlier this week, Manziel made his case to the Browns with a formal visit to the club.

General manager Ray Farmer, however, can't be concerned with what will rally fans on draft day. When cards are turned it, the key word will be value, and the Browns' No. 4 overall pick may be just a little too rich for a six-foot quarterback who is clearly, despite all the charisma, a work in progress. The Browns' No. 26 overall pick, however, would be great value for Manziel. And NFL Media analyst Brian Baldinger projects just that in his new mock draft. He's got Cleveland pairing Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins at No. 4 with Manziel.

Hard to imagine Farmer not being thrilled with that scenario.

2. Talk about where Manziel might end up in the draft is certainly up, and NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah threw a team into the mix earlier this week that definitely would rock the mock boat: The St. Louis Rams. The club holds the Nos. 2 and 13 overall picks in the first round. And while it would be no surprise for the Rams to pick a third-day quarterback to develop behind Sam Bradford, Manziel at No. 13 would represent a much bolder move. Said Jeremiah: "I'm just telling you that's out there, and some people believe it's a real possibility."

Less of a possibility, for multiple reasons, would be the Dallas Cowboys. Despite speculation this week that the Cowboys would have a hard time passing on Manziel if he were to fall to the No 16 overall choice, NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt doesn't see it happening.

Two down

1. Two down? How about over 500 down? Former Ohio State defensive back Dustin Fox, who played as a backup for four seasons in the NFL, posted a Twitter poll for Cleveland Browns fans that delivered some interesting results:

With 502 retweets and 529 favorites, the vote was virtually split down the middle. Twitter polls, of course, are about as unscientific as polls can be. There is no telling how many of the 1,000-plus respondents are even Browns fans, although with a Browns hashtag and Fox being from OSU, presumably quite a few of them were. But Browns fans or not, the poll speaks to the polarization Manziel creates as a prospect for fans. Some are believers, some are doubters.

And half will eventually be saying "told you so" when it comes to Manziel. Which half is the question.

2. Don't count the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out as a potential landing spot for Manziel. NFL Network's "Path to the Draft" discussed the possibility this week, with analyst Daniel Jeremiah suggesting that the club should at least consider the possibility if Manziel is available with the No. 7 overall pick. Analyst Brian Baldinger said Manziel would be a nice fit in Tampa Bay.

Carter on Manziel

Based on this tweet from Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter, the former Minnesota Vikings star receiver either wants to see, or expects to see, Johnny Football in purple with the club's No. 8 overall pick. Or both.

Either way, put another HOFer in Johnny Football's corner.

Jet-ski Johnny

Easter Sunday brought us a golden egg of a video from Johnny Football: A rare look at Manziel in a receiving role. On a jet ski. Suffice it to say, Manziel is still finding ways to stay loose and keep it fun just a couple weeks before the biggest day of his life:

Johnny in the house

The 2014 NFL Draft just wouldn't be the same without Johnny Football's personal presence. He'll be there, along with 29 other top prospects, at Radio City Music Hall in less than two weeks. The over-under on camera shots on Manziel? For him, the fewer the better -- that would mean a short wait.

The buzz factor

Former Maxim model Kyndal Kyaire saw her profile take off just by accompanying Manziel to a Texas Rangers game. And she's not the only one to grab headlines just by being on Johnny Football's arm in a public setting. So how about this for an outside income idea:

Now that's how you know you're a celebrity.

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