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Johnny Chronicles: Manziel Mania hits Pats and ... Hulk Hogan?


The week that was in the always unpredictable life of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel:

Two up

1. So you want to know the scout who really discovered Johnny Manziel from the very beginning? It was a guy named Terry Bollea, and he saw the arm strength and "heart of a lion" before anyone else. Just ask Bollea. You may know him better as Hulk Hogan:

Must've spotted him in the weight room first. And seen him there first, too.

2. So how exactly does anyone make sense of Johnny Football being on a list of 30 players the New England Patriots choose to bring in for visits? Everything from Tom Brady to the No. 29 overall pick suggest that Manziel isn't needed, or won't be available, respectively. Yes, it's time for the club to groom a new quarterback behind Brady, and there is little indication that backup Ryan Mallett is answer Bill Belichick is looking for. But of all 32 helmets in the NFL, a Patriots helmet might be the oddest-looking fit for Manziel of them all.

Two down

1. So, red flags popped up across the dinner table between Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer and Johnny Football. Yep, Zimmer said so himself. But what did he mean? By the time Zimmer's comments ran through the social media grinder and came out the other side as blog fodder, it sounded as though Manziel's answers to Zimmer's questions were the flags themselves. Take a breath, everyone, and read again. Pretty clearly, Zimmer was simply saying that the reputation flags Manziel has had to answer for all along were part of the conversation. Of course they were. Nothing to see here.

2. Your latest self-appointed Houston Texans general manager, of which there are many: Emmitt Smith, who says he will take a pass on Manziel.

Getting a dig in

Manziel had to poke some fun at new Texas coach Charlie Strong with this Instagram photo, making sure to draw a thick, black line between the head Longhorn and his favorite recording artist Drake. The hand signal denotes Drake fandom, and Manziel's caption said it all: "Sorry're not a part of the regime #SawEmOff"


Somehow, we knew Nate Fitch wouldn't go away quietly. The longtime friend of Manziel who emerged as a shadowy figure in the memorabilia scandal that hounded Manziel last summer hasn't been in the public eye since then, but now has himself back in the news. This time, both he and Manziel have their last names on separate trademark requests for the same phrase that could ultimately turn a tidy merchandising profit. Not enough facts are known to say whether the friendship has dissolved into a business clash. But that's the movie we've all seen before.

What's in a name?

Houston Chronicle NFL writer John McClain has discovered exactly what lies between Johnny Football craziness and Johnny Football lunacy: 46 retweets:

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