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Johnny Manziel unlikely to play with first team

The Minnesota Vikings have seen enough from rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to thrust him into the fray against Oakland's first-team defense on Friday night.

Johnny Manziel won't get the same starting treatment with the Cleveland Browns -- not yet, at least.

"I don't think he will," coach Mike Pettine told reporters Thursday of his plans for Manziel against the Lionson Saturday night. "I think we're going to let Brian (Hoyer) go. The circumstances could change that obviously. For this game, I think pretty much stick to the units as we've practiced so Brian with the ones and Johnny with the twos."

That veers away from what Pettine suggested Wednesday, when he hinted that Manziel might see first-team reps against Ndamukong Suh and Detroit's pass rush.

Pettine said there was no "solid" reason for keeping Manziel with the second team beyond "we just didn't want to mix the units in this game."

The result is a full helping of starting snaps for veteran Brian Hoyer, with Pettine acknowledging Wednesday that "more weight will be put" on the next two preseason games than Cleveland's swath of summer practices.

Outside of a disastrous showing against the Lions, we expect Manziel to earn those first-team reps in next week's game against the Redskins. After all, you can't really call it a contest if only one of the two quarterbacks plays against top talent.

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