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John The Sign Guy is back and as grammatically flawed as ever

John The Sign Guy is at it again, speaking on behalf of Iggles Nation and terrorizing English teachers across America.

"THANK YOU! & YOUR WELCOME!" read the message scrawled on a banner outside the Eagles' training complex in South Philadelphia on Monday, the second banner to hang at a nearby park in as many weeks.

This is speculation here, but we're guessing the first part of the message is in recognition of the Eagles' win over the Redskins on Sunday, with the second part an assumption the previous signage helped the team rally behind embattled coach Andy Reid.

The first banner -- "ANDY, THE TIMES ... TO GO" -- led to controversy last week when offensive linemen Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce confronted John The Sign Guy and angrily demanded kindly asked him to take it down. JTSG complied, but later demanded an apology from the team. (He's still waiting.)

So there's your update. Before we go, a private plea to John The Sign Guy. Please do us a favor and watch this terrifying-yet-informative video. Thank you and you're welcome.

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