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John Idzik 'happy' to have Tim Tebow on New York Jets

New York Jets general manager John Idzik spoke to the media at his pre-draft news conference Wednesday. Of course the topic turned to Tim Tebow.

"We're happy to have Tim here," Idzik said. "He's with the rest of the gang here."

Tebow still is under contract and participating in offseason workouts. What else is he going to do? Idzik might be happy to have Tebow at the workouts, but we still expect Tebow to be gone one way or another before the season begins.

"I'm not saying he is. I'm not saying he isn't," Idzik said when asked if Tebow was in the quarterback competition. "Let's see how things play out."

It's usually not a good sign when a quarterback is on the roster but the general manager declines to confirm the player is, in fact, competing at the position.

Idzik didn't shine much light on the Darrelle Revis situation either.

"We won't discuss any supposed talks or true talks or club-to-club talks," Idzik said. "We will definitely look at any trade possibilities and see if it benefits the Jets."

Idzik called all reports "speculative."

That must be fun. Trying to get something for two big-name players who everyone knows you have to get rid of.

The drama continues ...

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