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John Fox brushes off D.J. Williams' Twitter gaffe

D.J. Williams should consider himself lucky.

If he were a member of the New England Patriots, tweeting a photo of his team's playbook would be an offense worthy of banishment. His name would be stricken from public record. Bill Belichick would tell you he didn't know D.J. Williamsbecause D.J. Williams does not exist.

Denver Broncos coach John Fox is a bit more forgiving of over-sharing linebackers. Fox addressed Williams' error in judgment with the media Tuesday, brushing it off as an innocent -- if non-repeatable -- mistake.

"Yeah, we've addressed that," the coach said. "You know, I think our players do a terrific job with the social media. You know, you're not going to get through a whole season, I think, unscathed, but the world has gotten smaller. But I think, all in all, our guys do a great job."

Pressed further on the issue, Fox reiterated that these things are inevitable ... even if they're really not.

"All in all, I think our guys do a great job keeping our fans informed, and you know, you're going to have a couple mishaps, and we just move on."

Did the outing of "Pro Near I," "Z Motion to Far I" and "U3 to Trips Slot" set Denver's defense back?

"Not that much," Fox said with a laugh.

Breathe easy, Mr. Williams. You're safe for now.

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