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John Elway: Broncos need more than Peyton Manning

John Elway understands the curiosity surrounding Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations believes we're in for a treat -- but not without a supporting cast.

Rap Sheet: Elway knows balance

The Denver  Broncos have Peyton Manning, but John Elway believes they'll need more to be a true Super Bowl contender, Ian Rapoport writes. **More ...**

"One guy doesn't win a world championship for you, even though he gives you a hell of a chance to be able to compete," Elway told Ian Rapoport. "As I told (Manning), my job is to get the best quality people around him, the best coaches to give us the opportunity to win a world championship. It's fun to be able to put that puzzle together, but there are so many different pieces to put in a team that has the ability to win a world championship."

Elway sat down with Rapoport at Lake Tahoe this week (rugged assignment, Ian) and preached building a complete team in Denver.

Unfortunately, we see a few pieces missing:

Elway stressed the need to pound the ball. The Broncos washed their hands of Tim Tebow for a pure passer, but it's easy to forget what last year's starter contributed to the ground game. Willis McGahee is a solid producer, but there's no Terrell Davis in the mix. Not even close. 

Manning enjoyed a cast of young wideouts with the Indianapolis Colts. Some were stars. He willed others to improve. It was always a deep unit. The Broncos lack weapons, and the big question is how Demaryius Thomas will respond to the expectations.

Former defensive coordinator Dennis Allen has moved on to coach the Oakland Raiders. The defense -- masking its own weaknesses last season -- pulled the offense out of tough spots. We'll have to see what Jack Del Rio can do, but the loss of Allen is a concern.

That's our (rather quick) take on the matter, but why not hear Elway's? He allowed Rapoport to wander deep inside the machine. Check it out.

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