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John Cena, a diehard Patriots fan, named Jets' honorary captain

It's not everyday that a pro wrestler gets the chance to be the New York Jets' honorary captain for a game. Even stranger, it's not everyday that a longtime New England Patriots fan gets the honor.

But who's to argue with WWE superstar John Cena?

The Massachusetts native and Patriots fan will be in charge of leading the J-E-T-S chant during Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts. The WWE confirmed Cena's temporary captainship on Twitter, and the move comes months before the WWE's Super Bowl -- Wrestlemania -- is scheduled to take place at MetLife Stadium.

But is this just further promotion for a guy who's seen plenty of face time on Subway commercials or are the Jets looking for a little of the Patriots' success to rub off on them? After all, the Patriots are among the early Super Bowl favorites at 3-2 while the Jets are an injury-riddled 2-3.

Whatever the Jets' motivation, it'll be interesting to see how the New York faithful respond to Cena's one-day diagnosis of Gang Green -- thankfully, it's not cold enough for a New Jersey snowball storm on Sunday.

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