Joey Bosa will not report to Chargers camp on Friday

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Chargers first-round draft pick, defensive end Joey Bosa, will not report with his teammates Friday as he remains unsigned, according to a source close to Bosa.

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco confirmed that the main sticking point in stalled contract talks between the club and first-round pick, defensive end Joey Bosa, is how guaranteed bonuses are distributed.

A source close to Bosa said the No. 3 overall pick would like his bonuses all up front. The Chargers have offered to pay Bosa in two installments, with the heftier amount coming at the first payment.

Rookies are slotted into a salary scale, so the are very few issues up for negotiation. Where Bosa and the Chargers aren't agreeing on are offset language and bonus payment distribution, which are negotiable.

With almost every other rookie in the NFL signed heading into training camps, this stalemate has created a bad look for all parties.

Telesco said the Chargers want Bosa in camp as soon as possible, but its contract offer won't change, he said. Doing something for one player that it won't do for another is not how the club wants to operate, he said.

Bosa's requests on bonus disbursement have not changed since initial contract talks, a source said. Both sides are dug in and there are no signs that the impasse will end soon.

The Chargers begin training camp workouts Saturday morning.

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